My Story 

I pride myself in being honest and truly authentic. Let me give you a genuine glimpse into who I am as a person. For the artist and person should be one in the same. 

Perhaps the most important part of my story, and what fuels me each day, is what I have learned from past experiences. When I was a senior in college, I realized that I never confronted family issues and how I manifested them. These familial issues were so deep rooted that I didn't  want to bring them to the forefront of my mind and attention. For whatever reason, senior year, I started openly talking to people about everything ranging from addiction and mental health to traditional gender norms embedded in our society. These sensitive, ever present topics poured like hot lava into my art, my writing, and my soul. New realizations were made. They inspired me to fully engage my emotions and experiences by integrating them into my professional and personal work. 

I started seeing a therapist at my school because I wanted an unbiased perspective. I sought constructive, educated responses to the memories I recounted. After a few sessions, she defined me as "hyper-vigilant." This term connoted to my exaggerated sense of awareness resulting from a trauma. Even though she admitted that it may be negative, I oddly took pride in this identification. The positive part of this identity that I've come to acknowledge is that although watchful and wary of individuals in my life -I see. I look. I observe. I contemplate. I even overthink. However, to me that heightened sense of awareness is beautiful and enables me to recognize the beauty and truth in others, fostering a deeper connection with them.  I have something every artist must have...empathy.