Behind The Work

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Live Content Creator for MLB

In this opportunity, I work to capture moments via photography and video for MLB's various social forums. I am assigned to Yankee Stadium, and I work with the home team and away teams to provide visual content during batting practice and in-game. The role of Live Content Creator is incredibly unique in that it allows for a lot of flexibility and freedom to be creative. Each game I enter the stadium, and I challenge myself to do something different. Working in the same stadium, one could very well approach the objectives in the same manner every time. However, I try to depict every aspect of the game, from action shots and player celebrations, to the passion of the fans and the beauty of the stadium infrastructure. Along with providing quick on-the spot content, I work with the images I make to pitch composites to teams and MLB as a whole. In this image featured on the Kansas City Royals' Twitter, I created a visual composed of 3 photos portraying the progression of a player blowing a bubble. This experience has been rewarding, and I will continue to take risks and give myself the task of being distinctive. 

Mini Music Murals

My friend, Andy, was one of the first people to open my ears to the realm of rap. I started listening to Chance The Rapper and really enjoyed his style and messaging. After listening to Chance, I began to solely listen to rappers who created music with deeper meaning... that relatable substance. I listen to rap in my office, I listen to it walking the NY streets, I listen when I run, and I listen when I eat and relax with friends. I found that the more I listened to J.Cole, Logic, Chance, Kanye, Jay Z, etc., the more I was touched and the more I started to visualize some of the heavy subject matter they were rapping about. One day, I decided that I was going to render what I like to call: "mini music murals." I'll listen to a song, pick out the elements I relate to and can generate imagery from, and then I sketch saturated drawings in my pocket sized sketch pad. Music and art are two of my most integral outlets. Major themes of these sketches include: addiction, mental health, the concept of wealth, and self-doubt. In the drawing pictured, I was inspired by J.Cole's songs: "FRIENDS," "Once an Addict (Interlude)," and "Motiv8." This drawing depicts a potent memory, which I recalled while listening to J.Cole's album, KOD. In each sketch, I work to feature an issue that me and I'm sure various others connect with, and then I display positive ways in which I navigate through difficult experiences . My goal with these drawings is to open up discourse concerning stigmatized issues in our society and spread positivity. 


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Lead Artist & Visionary for Upcoming Clothing Brand, "No Cubicles"

My friend, Josh, came to me with an idea for a design called "no cubicles." At first he thought that it was just going to be a creation for some of the swag we were making for his company. I honestly said "of course!" in response to his request before really interpreting the words a little less literally. Prior to diving deep into this concept, I thought about open floor plans, not being behind a desk all day in an enclosed space, and a non 9-5 lifestyle. Then, we started talking more and collaborating regarding "no cubicles." We began to say "wow you are so no cubicles..." "that really is no cubicles..." etc. This one design slowly sparked the idea for a brand that encompassed a movement and a mentality so to speak. This brand is about having the confidence and freedom to be creative, having the courage to embrace emotions regarding taking a path perhaps less traveled , and going against the grain and defying societal norms laid out for us that enforces this idea of one structure, one way, and tradition. More to come..........

Contributing Photographer for the blog, Keep Calm and Chiffon

6 years ago, I met my friend, Austen, on my floor in the freshman dorm at college. She mentioned she had a fashion blog called Keep Calm and Chiffon. Second semester of my freshman year, I took an intro photography course, and as I got closer with Austen, she became my go-to model for my class, and I became one of her go-to photographers for her blog. She transferred schools, but we maintained the friendship, along with the frequent shoots. Today, her blog has grown, and we continue to work together to generate strong fashion/beauty content for her blog. This collaboration is definitely a special one, and the images, styling, and strategy for these shoots has gotten better and better.

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